To my loving boyfriend, Tommy @tristanhaha

My first photographer ever and IG boyfriend before it was even a thing! He has been my biggest supporter of watching me grow, making mistakes, and pursuing my dreams, all while loving me wholeheartedly. Thank you for teaching me photography. Without you, I could never be who I am today.



To Michel @dedalnok

For being everything to me, beyond a photographer’s role. I probably never said it because it was never expected, but you are, in fact, my best friend and much more if there could be a word to explain it. It’s always an adventure when we’re together.




To everyone else I’ve been on trips with, that has shot me (voluntarily) or has worked with me to get my ideal shot. I know I’m impatient and quite a pain in the butt, but when the job’s over, we have a great time, right?

In no order: Adeline, DianeDominique, Guiie, Joanne, YvetteVinnie