Cherry Blossoms Pack


The dreamiest set of presets I’ve created when I took a trip to Japan for its cherry blossom season last spring. This trip was filled with all shades of pink and warm tones contrasting with overcast weather. The sky was consistent in its palette between white and blue despite some clouds, rains, and sun at different times. Every sunrise, I set out on a mission to the most awe-inspiring view to beat the crowds. I continued shooting through the afternoons despite the busy peak season, working with my creativity.

In this pack, I provide various presets suiting all sorts of lightings and exposure. The presets are to enhance your photograph, delivering a dreamy and cinematic look to your images. Since I made curated these preset during my trip for the cherry blossom season in Japan, so if you have a trip there as well, this would be perfect. If you like the way these images look, these presets can be used for other places as well for cloudy to a moderately sunny location. One of the preset is curated for a jpeg but can be applied to raw images as well.

consist of 16 presets:

  • aoyama
  • arashiyama
  • borderless
  • chidorigafuchi
  • furisode
  • furisode+
  • fushimi
  • gotokuji
  • kyoto
  • meguro
  • meguro+
  • mochi
  • sakura
  • shibuya
  • shinjuku
  • takeshita

Please note that not all presets will perform well with just one click. You may need to do some slight adjustments. For more information or how-to’s on editing your pictures using my presets, check out my tips here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or you have some questions, please email me at and I’ll walk you through it to get the best results.


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