Beautiful Bali Mobile Pack


The biggest pack of presets I’ve created to date! There was no way I couldn’t share them all as each edit are very different. A mix between jungle sceneries, flower baths, and waterfalls, this is all you need for your next adventure. These presets are the ultimate epitome of Bali vibes. I had less than 8 days to travel in Bali and wanted to do everything on my list, so I had no choice but to experiment and shoot from sunrise to even the oddest (harsh sunlight) times of the day because I wouldn’t have another chance to do so.

In this pack, I provide various presets suiting all sorts of lightings and exposure. Shooting conditions involved a lot of sunlight from sunrise to sunset. Nevertheless, it’s packed to bring out all the best colors in the palette. The presets are to enhance your photograph, delivering contrasting tones and vibrant colors to your images. I curated these preset during my Bali trip, but it is not limited to only this destination. If you like the way these images look, these presets can be used for other places as well.

Unlike the other packs, this pack took me two Bali trips to create!

consists of 22 presets:

  • aling
  • calma
  • chandon
  • chaya
  • handara 2018
  • handara 2019
  • hideaway
  • kamandalu
  • kaveri
  • kroya
  • lampo
  • leke
  • marigold
  • muduk
  • raindrops
  • patel
  • sekumpul
  • swing
  • tirta
  • udaya
  • ume
  • zen

Please note that not all presets will perform well with just one click. You may need to do some slight adjustments. For more information or how-to’s on editing your pictures using my presets, check out my tips here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or you have some questions, please email me at and I’ll walk you through it to get the best results.


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