frequently asked questions on presets


Looking to take your images to the next level or don’t know where to start? Like how I edit but can’t achieve it on your own?

Editing photos have become a crucial part of social media as well as business aspects of marketing and influencers. Having a curated feed with similar editing styles in every photo can distinguish yourself from another. I know it from first hand it’s been an important part of growing my Instagram and allowing me to take simple images and magnify it into something greater.

Over the past three years, I’ve experimented with photography in different camera settings and used all sorts of editing apps and filters to perfect my images. Using Lightroom was the best resolution to my post developing my photos and it took me a long time to finally develop the perfect settings. I’ve done all the work and the testing for all sorts of styles. Now, I’m finally ready to share with you my presets that have been curated and tweaked to enhance your photos as well!

But you may ask…


What are presets?

In Adobe Lightroom, there is an option to load “Presets”. A preset is a packaged list of settings that you can select to apply to an image or multiple images. This helps reduce the time used in editing and keeps consistency in the style of the images, such as your Instagram feed or all the pictures in a blog post. I use my own curated presets to edit my images on my Instagram and my website. In my collection of presets, I’ve spent years developing and perfecting the settings to achieve MY style.


How do you use it?

Once the preset is imported into Adobe Lightroom, you can apply the chosen preset onto the photo you want to edit. The photo will then have the settings of the presets. Easy right?

You can follow these steps on how to import the presets into Adobe Lightroom, depending on if you purchased Desktop or Mobile versions:

Desktop Installation Guide

Mobile Installation Guide


Can anyone use them?

Anyone can use them, given with the instructions and some basic knowledge on Adobe Lightroom. However, in order to use these presets for Desktop, you must have a subscription with Adobe Lightroom to use the application. For Mobile version, it’s free to use.

If you’re new to photography and don’t know where to start, this would be the best place to start. Or if you’re already familiar and like these styles (i.e: the color, the mood, the tones…), you can definitely use these presets. These presets are basically made for anyone who are currently or will be using Adobe Lightroom to edit their pictures.


Does it work with just one-click?

My presets have been fine-tuned to work with just one-click, but in any cases that it doesn’t (i.e. different camera settings, location, weather…), some basic settings can be adjusted to achieve the perfect look, such as exposure and white balance.

Check out my tips on editing after applying my presets by clicking here.

Occasionally, I’ll be adding video tutorials on my youtube channel as well.


What is the difference between the Desktop version and the Mobile version?

Adobe Lightroom has two versions – one for Desktop and one for Mobile. I mainly use the Desktop version which requires an Adobe subscription on your laptop/computer. It is not free, but it is the best way to edit pictures.

To get started with your Adobe subscription, click here!

The Mobile version is for your phone, compatible with both Android and iOS. It is free, but you still need to create an account. The Mobile version has all the necessary tools to edit from a phone and I find it great to use when I’m on the go. Desktop presets do not work on the Mobile version and vice versa, which is why I have the presets made for both versions. However, please keep in mind that presets (.dng files) uploaded to Lightroom CC Mobile, sometimes the colors may adjust a bit due to the way LR CC and your phone settings pick up colors from the DNG files. However, it should not affect your overall ability to edit your image with the preset. 🙂


Does it work with Android?

Yes, the Mobile version presets are made for the Adobe Lightroom Mobile version, which can be found in the app store for both Android and iOS.


How do you download and install it?

For step by step installation on downloading the presets and Adobe Lightroom, please refer to the following:

Desktop Installation Guide

Mobile Installation Guide


Which presets should I buy to achieve the exact result as the images?

I’ve split my presets into regions that I’ve traveled to and edited based on that location and scenery. Of course, purchasing the preset does not limit you only using it in that exact region. These presets are versatile for many locations, as I’ve found myself reusing older preset edits for newer images as a baseline for what I want to achieve.

Santorini Dreamin preset pack, for example, is created under bright and sunny conditions while Cherry Blossoms preset packs are created in warmer tones, with less sunlight. You can take a look at the preset description where I described my conditions when shooting and more.

There are many factors that will determine the final result which can be dependent on your location, time of day, and camera settings. For example, the ocean’s blueness differs in different areas of the world from green to turquoise to brighter shades of blue. The sun shines differently and the sky changes colors depending on the time of the day. You can get lots of shadow, too sunny, or darker because of the sunset. These factors will contribute to how you adjust your camera settings and thus, can determine your end result after applying my preset.

Please take into account that all my presets are unique but can be adapted for any locations, camera settings, and minor adjustments after applying the preset can reach the desired look. Take a look at my tips on editing after applying my presets by clicking here.


What do you shoot with and what are your settings?

My main camera is the Canon 5D Mark IV, but in the past, I’ve used the Sony A7RII as well. My go-to lens is the Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM. Check out my list of all my equipment here.

My baseline settings on my camera: ISO:100, f-stop: ¼ where I adjust the exposure accordingly from there. This is my baseline settings which means I don’t necessarily keep these settings on all photos and they may not work for your photography style.


Do you accept refunds?

Because the presets are a digital product, it cannot be returned. If you are not achieving the desired result, please email me at with your full resolution image and we can work together on it.